Wednesday, April 16, 2014

coming to a crib near you!

yipppeeee!! after many teasers and preview snaps..we are almost there! our new crib collections will be LIVE so soon. ( week!) All of us in the office have been working so hard to get this line super cute for your bambino...and since more than half of us are pregnant, we had a ton of opinions!
Crib Bedding is where Rikshaw started back in 2007, so its a super soft spot to get back to this again with SO many more options for you!

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

life lately: bumps and babies

(tassels on my bump)

if you follow on instagram, you have seen that i am preggo! we have 3 ladies pregnant at Rikshaw so babies are on the brain. its been a busy time with work and house life is beginning to settle. the nursery plans/thoughts are swirling and i am loving my big ole bump! i think i will actually miss not having the baby in my belly, feeling the kicks... its surreal.
i feel so lucky to have had this chance to experience this.

some cute mama pics below

have a nice day!

happy sunday
happily woke up early this morning and plan to go about the day nice and slow.
i wish i had more time for the blog, i often see, read, or think of something to blog about then i never have to time to sit down and do it. for those of you that check in and out..i appreciate it!
wishing you all a relaxing and productive day!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

free shipping coupon

happy spring break friends!!

enjoy...easter dresses, moms days gifts, we have tons of newness on the site!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

who doesn't love a tassel?

 a favorite this season!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NEW spring collection is LIVE!!

lots of goodies for you and your lil on the site NOW!
cheers to the Rikshaw team for pulling off another beautiful season!
get shopping!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

beach day photoshoot- behind the scenes

i cant believe it was a week ago we had sunny skies and a beautiful photoshoot at the beach..
70's cant beat it!
we post a ton on Instagram, so come on over. 
this weekend will be pouring over fun images and putting the final touches on our BIG Spring Launch!
The rikshaw team have been working tirelessly, and we are ALL so excited to get it live and out to you and all our wonderful stores.
This season may be a favorite for me, it has fun new styles, embroideries and just oozes... relaxing, throw on and chill clothes.
plus the kiddo collection is squeal worthy.

here are some out takes from our very busy day... enjoy and have a great weekend!


craft corner

models on break 

baby blues

 tired girls...jumbs asleep on my legs

that's a wrap!

Monday, March 3, 2014

life lately: kitchen remodel

 inspiration above

(please note: while living in the house) 

life is hectic...lets throw a massive kitchen gutt remodel into the mix!?!a little background ...when we moved into this spanish style house, not a fixer but the kitchen was outdated and weird layout that left dead space i was stoked! because we could make it our own! a small house every sq inch needs a purpose.

we have had a vision of elements we wanted...because of the new layout we were going to have to keep the galley style but wanted to extend it, doing that we were able to add a pantry closet (EEEK!) about a pantry with shelves of organized junk in pretty jars! like this...there are blogs and blogs dedicated to showing you how to live a more organized life, i envy them but realistically if i can get the pantry organized then we are doing great.

i have learned a lot about myself during this renovation...i am SO indecisive! and our contractor (bless his heart) is super patient. I do know what i like and don't like...just give me a minute! the details are ENDLESS...what? switch plate covers! ahhh! i dont know! in an effort to curb the budget we decided to do it with our contractor--who has a good eye with details and the wonderful help of pinterest and blogs. I just wish I had uninterupted time to focus on just this project, not the case i am juggling so much other stuff. maybe its for the best because i have to make decisions and MOVE on..cant dwell, no time.

if you are thinking about a kitchen remodel...try and do it when your not living there, or can leave for a period of time, or grill out all your meals. our kitchenette is in our dining room -- yeah microwave meals! ugh! and as i type our refrige is next to our couch in the living room, we do dishes in the guest bath..its like camping out, fun times..

so here we are starting to really see progress and I am thinking we are in the home stretch? life will be so nice and new when its all done..cannot wait! its gleaming!

Monday, February 24, 2014

beach photoshoot

we have the next few days to capture Rikshaw's new spring/summer line, its exciting to see adorable children and models bring everything to life...and yes its pretty chaotic! will be posting on instagram some out-takes, here are some "mood" shots for the shoot, pretty, dreamy & beachy

Monday, February 17, 2014


we are looking for :
*spring/summer interns

*freelance graphic designers
*customer service associate
*wholesale manager

we have a super fun team and its our busiest time of year, come join the fun !

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